10 Habits of Successful Women

The definition of success is different for every woman. At Life Proper, we believe that success is all-encompassing. It means having financial independence, creating work that makes us feel proud, constantly striving for personal and professional growth, while nourishing the relationships that we have with others.

Successful women are solution seekers, from time management, to financial management and everything in between. Success may be defined differently by each woman, but we have learned that there are common habits shared amongst driven women that help them achieve their goals.

She Schedules Time For Herself

A successful woman knows that her time is valuable. With a to-do list of meetings, deadlines, and daycare pick-ups, she understands that prioritizing personal time throughout the day is important. This can be as simple as stepping away for a walk around the park, setting time to meditate between meetings, or taking a long bath at the end of the day.

She Takes It All In Stride

A successful woman may have moments of self-doubt, experience loss, fear and failure. She  embraces this as part of her success. Framing failure as a stepping stone to success alters the way that we take risks, break new ground, and challenge the status quo.

She’s Always Learning

A successful woman is rarely stagnant. Always on the go, she is ready to take on the next challenge, whether that be intellectually, physically, or mentally. By consistently setting personal and professional goals, there is always another feat to conquer. She loves learning new skills and finding new ways to enrich her  life.

She Values Knowledge

A successful woman is constantly seeking knowledge and embracing opportunities to learn something new. She is not afraid to ask questions, do research, or read books that will open her  mind and expand her worldview. She knows that she doesn’t need to be an expert in everything, so long as she has a diverse circle of experts surrounding her.

She Can Manage Stress

A successful woman understands and respects the connection between body and mind. She has  found the coping mechanisms that work to reduce daily stress; regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, lots of water and a healthy sleep schedule.


She’s Focused on Her Future Self

A successful woman is always looking forward. She has a healthy relationship with her finances and honors her future self through investments, savings, and retirement planning. She  routinely evaluates her budget and assess her financial habits.


She Curates Her Space

A successful woman cares about her space and it shows. Whether it be in the office or at home, she recognizes that her  space is an extension of herself. She knows that a well-curated space has the ability to cultivate success and happiness. There can never be enough natural light, open space, greenery or coffee.

She’s Socially Connected

A successful woman has a strong support system. She  is committed to maintaining healthy and solid relationships with friends, family, mentors and partners. Social connections pave the way for positive emotions, which have the ability to boost our mental well-being and quality of life.

She Practices Self Care

A successful woman takes care of herself. She knows that as a woman, she has a tendency to care for others first. She recognizes that it is important to take time for herself. Whether it be taking a yoga class, sitting in stillness or having a cup of tea, she places a high value on self-care. She knows that slowing down allows time to reflect, recharge and stay present.

She Has an Attitude of Gratitude

A successful woman regularly practices gratitude. Research has shown that reflecting daily on things that we are thankful for creates positive emotions, compassion and kindness. When we praise ourselves and others, we build confidence and positive connections, which leads to an increase in productivity, goal setting, and a larger network.

Photos by 2nd Truth