October 09, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Designer & CEO

"I created Life Proper in response to my desire to start a company that I felt woman could identify with, a company that served a purpose for their life, that represented who woman are today. The modern woman does not fit into one category. She is a hard working mother. She runs companies and creates new products. There has been so much emphasis on women in the beauty and fashion industry, but women are so much more and work is often a facet of women's lives that is left out. I wanted to honor the modern woman, who embodies depth and soul far greater than simply fashion and beauty. Women are strong, powerful and unrelenting. I have such deep respect and admiration for women and the strength they each carry deep within their soul. I am continually impressed by how hard women work, yet at they end of the day still bring the essence of love from their hearts to their friends and families.
I am passionate about the female work ethic and I truly believe that we deserve the ability to have access to high quality, luxury products that increase workflow efficiency. Our products are created with these women in mind; the real individuals who travel for work, drink coffee in between meetings, and stay up late to prepare for a board meeting. Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers by creating innovative products that make our customers lives easier so they can create time for their true joys in life such as taking a walk on the beach, reading a book, or spending time with friends and family.
As Head Designer, I will always consider myself a creator first and a business woman second. The need to create comes from a place deep inside my core. I strive to create products that women can identify with, products that can be described as practical and chic all at once. I truly believe that understanding your "why" is what makes the most successful business. Why did I start this brand? Why did I make this product? Why do I think our customers will like it? The "why” is what drives the existence of this business. Our customer's will always be in the forefront of our mind when each piece is designed. As a creator first and CEO second, I never want to lose sight of why we began this company.
The Life Proper brand was created for women needing something functional and stylish. Our mission is to create quality, innovative and functional products that make the lives of our customers more streamlined and balanced. Our mission is to serve our customer's needs without compromising style for function. We strive to be the elite luxury handbags for style and function for the 21st century woman.
Life Proper’s very existence pays homage to the modern woman. Women are so incredibly powerful, yet have been fighting for years to be seen as relevant. The very premise and essence of this brand says that we are all of those things and more. The modern woman desires to be stylish and fashionable, while at the same time wants to be taken seriously, have an opinion, a voice and a presence. We feel LP is that voice. LP is a balance between the masculine and the feminine, where a woman is smart, strong, powerful, beautiful, and stylish all at once and never has to compromise one for the other. She should never have to apologize for feeling and being any and all of these things.  We hope you feel that our bags are as timeless and classic as the women who carry them."
-Ashley Marks
*Imagery attributed to 2nd Truth & Ray and Arrow

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