Packing the Perfect Carry On

Traveling is a worthy pursuit, by bus, plane or train, a trip is one great way to kickoff the New Year. Whether you’re globe-trotting for work, business, or pleasure, packing the perfect carry-on adds efficiency and a dash of relaxation to any adventure.

The Bag

The very first step is perhaps the most important, choosing the right bag. There are a few things to consider: size, space, and functionality. The best carry-ons are small enough to tuck under the seat and large enough to accommodate the necessary goodies that keep us feeling comfortable, happy, and inspired on the go.

Designed for the modern commuter, our Flight Tote is the perfect travel accessory. This classic style tote features several interior organizational pockets, a laptop sleeve, drop shoulder straps, and a zip closure. Perfect for a long commute, or everyday use, it is clean and timeless.

The Necessities

Gather all of the essentials such as your passport, ID, and boarding passes and keep them in one place. This will make your journey through check-in lines a breeze and it ushers in a sense of calm when the inevitable ‘Did I pack my passport?’ moment may strike.

Hydration & Snacks

Staying hydrated while traveling is always important. It is recommended to drink 8 ounces of water for every hour in-flight. This keeps the body energized and actively fighting off any germs that may be floating around the plane. Pack an empty, reusable water bottle in your tote for easy refills along the way. Almonds, raisins, chopped veggies, an apple, or crackers are easily packable from your kitchen or pantry for a healthy alternative to travel snacking.


Regardless of the mode of transportation, it tends to get a bit chilly while traveling. Chic, stylish, and above all, cozy, an oversized scarf is a perfection solution. Our favorites are from Soia & Kyo. Keep it loose, wear it sweater style, or add a thin belt for a classic and sophisticated twist.


Traveling provides the quiet time we all need to read a new book, sketch, journal, or catch up on work. Whatever it may be, the Flight Tote has room for it all, with smart interior pockets designed to streamline and balance the lives of traveling women. Take this moment to yourself and recharge.  

Rest & Relaxation

The best way to squeeze in a nap on-the-go is to block out the surrounding environment. A sleep mask and noise cancelling headphones are essentials in any carry-on. A breathable cotton or luxe, silk sleep mask will create a soothing and comfortable environment, perfect for even a short slumber. Noise cancelling headphones will help you catch up on work without distraction or listen to music as you work on that book you’ve been dreaming of writing.


Traveling can be equally exciting and tiring, especially if it involves a shift in time zones. Adding or reducing nutrient supplements to any travel routine is worth considering. Feeling sluggish? Vitamin B and Vitamin D offer a boost in energy and immune support. Tasting exciting new foods? Add a probiotic to support digestion by overpopulating the gut with healthy organisms. Traveling for business? Rhodiola and Ashwagandha adaptogens help support stress and balance when things start to feel a little hectic. Don’t know where to start? Care/of does it all for you with personalized supplements just for you.


Although traveling can take a toll on the skin, there are a few travel size products that pack a punch, leaving skin hydrated, refreshed and glowing. Keep the skin fresh and makeup free to allow for a quick cleanse with natural wipes, followed by a few pumps of a hydrating serum and moisturizer. Eye masks are always a great addition for added hydration. Small, nearly transparent, and the perfect boost of highly concentrated collagen peptides to a highly sensitive area.

No matter where your travels take you, never be left without the perfect catch all tote to help you travel in style, while carrying all of the essentials. Keep things simple, sleek and classic with the Life Proper Flight Tote.

Photos by Quinn Luu