What Life Proper Enthusiasts are Saying, Able Carreon

At Life Proper, we welcome any opportunity to highlight our dedicated customers and their day to day life with their Life Proper bag. Able Carreon is a hairdresser in Orange County, California. He owns his own salon and his Daypack adds stylish efficiency to running his business. 
1. What is your LP bag of choice?

    The Daypack.

     2. Tell us about your background. What do you do for work? How does your bag play a role in your day to day schedule?

    I'm a 36 year old male. I’ve been married for 10 years. My husband and I own two pups and we live in Santa Ana, California. I have a degree in Psychology and a Masters in School Counseling, but I’m also a licensed hairdresser. I own my hair salon, Blanc Noir Hair, with my husband in Newport Beach. My bag goes everywhere with me, except the gym. The Daypack is easy and practical. I love that it looks professional for important meetings and outings and fun to take places. I always get compliments on my bag!

      3. What is your favorite thing about your Life Proper Bag?

    I love that it looks professional, but I can also make it casual looking for outings. You can pretty much fit everything you need in The Daypack. It perfectly fits everything you might need for your typical day; pens, snacks, day planners, wallets.

     4. What does being a Life Proper Customer mean to you?

    Being a Life Proper customer is important to me because I’m a small business owner myself. I love to see other companies produce quality work from the beginning and Life Proper has done just that. I also value that this is a business started by female and being a male, I support and respect that more.

     5. What would we find in your LP bag?

    I always have snacks, my day planner, vitamins, gum, lip balm, pens, a coin pouch, my wallet, cologne, and hair product. I also keep Aleve for back pain, KT tape, and water on hand too.

     6. If you were to recommend an LP bag to someone, what would you say?

    The bags are well made and manufactured for everyday use. I’ve never owned a leather bag that has resisted weather, daily wear and tear, and being on the road so well. It really is a testament to the quality of the product.


    Image by Jenny Anne Connors