Why Choose Quality Handbags

As producers, consumers and business owners, we have learned that less is more. Together, we have come to know that producing high quality goods is better for the environment, has a positive impact on the economy and brings us longer lasting products for a more efficient lifestyle.

We believe that functionality and quality go hand in hand. When properly loved and cared for, our handbags are designed to last year after year. Our commitment to premium materials and a modern classic design equates to endless wear and repairability. In producing well made goods for women, we are making a positive step toward conscious consumerism and manufacturing.

At Life Proper, we believe that investing in quality over quantity is important. Here are a few reasons why:


A quality handbag is a timeless staple in any wardrobe, which makes it worth the investment. Whether it’s an everyday neutral bag or a special statement piece, leather is a natural material that will always remain in style. For women, a handbag functions not only as a fashion accessory, but as an authentic statement of self expression. In a fast-paced world, our goals, needs, and desires will change shape over the years; a perfectly chosen, tailored handbag will remain constant.


Made to last, high performance material, such a leather is the perfect amount of softness, strength, and stiffness that make our products durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with everyday use. At Life Proper, we pride ourselves on the use of premium, ethically sourced materials from USA based vendors.

Attention to Detail

A handcrafted touch allows for impeccable attention to detail. Our bags are artfully created with craftsmanship that has been developed and refined to ensure each piece is custom tailored. There are recognizable features of a quality bag: premium hardware, careful stitching, a perfect zipper, and well-measured straps.

Intricately Designed

A quality product is designed with purpose, functionality, and intention. The materials chosen, the pocket layout, the versatility of the straps; every element of a quality handbag is intricately designed. Nothing is an after-thought. Through trial and error, we have perfected each design to suit the everyday woman. Our innovative products are made to increase efficiency, inspire creativity, and serve as a practical and stylish accessory for all.

Heirloom Piece

We love a classic, well-loved, classic  handbag; a coveted piece that is passed down from generation to generation. We admire not only the bags, but the women who wear them. There is nothing more meaningful than a memory and often memories are held in material objects. The gesture of passing a timeless piece along to another woman is leaving behind a legacy. Each time that bag makes its way out of the closet it will be met with love, a smile, and a warm heart.

It’s Better for The Environment

Now more than ever, we know that it’s important that we each do all that we can to care for our planet. Our actions as producers and consumers of fashion is an integral piece of the puzzle. Being conscientious about materials, production, sourcing, and manufacturing directly impacts the bigger picture. For these reasons, we believe in crafting quality goods that have a lasting impact.

Photos by Grey + Elle