You Deserve The Best

At Life Proper, we pride ourselves in the production of quality leather goods, but a Life Proper lifestyle goes far beyond the handbags. We believe that you can accomplish great things. You are worth it. Each day is an opportunity to make decisions that reflect your inward view of yourself. When you view yourself and your time as valuable, you are sure to make lifestyle choices that reflect that intrinsic belief. At Life Proper, we believe that you deserve the highest quality and here is why:

You Work Hard

Refuse to sell yourself short. The work you do is valuable, and knowing you, you surely do an ample amount of it. Hard work deserves to be celebrated and one way of doing that is by acknowledging the work that you put in, and allowing yourself to indulge every so often. You are worth every indulgence, no matter how large or small.

You Care For Those Around You

When you spend your time caring deeply for and investing in those around you, it can take a toll on your personal well-being if you don’t remember to care for yourself first. As women, regardless of job title, relationship status, or family size, we often assume the role as caretaker for friends, family and significant others. In order to care for your loved ones to the best of your ability, you have to remember to spoil yourself too. Allow yourself the things that bring you joy and add efficiency to your lifestyle. Invest in the best. You deserve it.

You Have Impeccable Taste

You are drawn to beautiful things. You know what you like and what you like is truly remarkable. Women with high-end taste can’t settle for less and at Life Proper, we simply won’t allow it. Our leather is the perfect balance of soft and structured. It responds well to daily wear and tear, only becoming softer and more beautiful with time. Invest in quality material, carefully crafted by the best, for the best.

You Are Busy

Women on the go do not have time for things to go wrong. From misplacing essentials in your tote, to crossbody strap malfunctions, these are issues that a Life Proper lifestyle simply does not allow. Each of our bags contains an intricately designed inner pocket for all of your necessities. The Satchel is a great option for women hopping from one meeting to the next in style. It features an interior zip pocket, a laptop sleeve and a separate sleeve for a sketch pad or notepad. Refuse to settle for standard, when you can have a bag that will keep up with your packed schedule and busy lifestyle.

You Are Motivated By Quality

We all know it’s true. When you invest in a high quality product, whether it be the clothes you wear or the handbags you carry, you feel empowered, like you can take on the world. When you have a product you truly believe in, it changes how you interact with the world around you. Refuse to settle for products that don’t inspire you. An inspired lifestyle starts with confidence in the brands you wear and the product you carry.

Photos by Jenny Anne Connors